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Creed of the Righteous Predeccesors


Product Description

Each work draws on proofs from the Qur’ān and authentic Ahādīth. On reading the evidences, the reader will appreciate how the ‘aqidah held by the People of the Prophetic Way and the Majority of Scholars (Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jamā’ah) is exactly the same as held by our pious predecessors. All praise belongs to Allāh alone, Lord of the worlds

Chapter One - Power of Disposition (Taŝarruf) is a complete resource on the views of forty-one pious predecessors regarding spiritual management, on how the Prophets and Saints are empowered by Allāh to avert calamities and alleviate sufferings and afflictions from His faithful servants.

Chapter Two - Knowledge of the Unseen (‘Ilm al-Ghayb) is a complete resource on the views of fifty-two pious predecessors regarding the Prophet (eternal blessings of Allah upon him) and Saints having unseen knowledge.

Chapter Three - Being Present (Ĥāđir) and Witnessing (Nāžir) is a complete resource that explores the beliefs of thirteen pious predecessors regarding the presence, awareness, and witnessing of the Prophet’s (eternal blessings of Allah upon him) soul which enables him (eternal blessings of Allah upon him)to behold his entire Community.

Chapter Four - Respect and Reverence for the Prophet (eternal blessings of Allah upon him) (Ta’žīm al-Nabī) is an insightful resource regarding the understanding of nine pious predecessors on the obligation to increase our love for and honouring of the Chosen One (eternal blessings of Allah upon him).

Chapter Five - The Shadowless Prophet  (eternal blessings of Allah upon him) is a unique account of the beliefs of seven pious predecessors regarding how the Messenger of Allāh (eternal blessings of Allah upon him) never cast a shadow upon the earth, which is a testament to the fact that he (eternal blessings of Allah upon him)is the Perfect Man (al-Insān al-Kāmil) made of Light (Nūr).

Chapter Six - Seeking an Intermediary (Tawassul) is an authoritative account regarding the firmly held belief of twelve pious predecessors on the permissibility of beseeching the Bountiful Lord through an intermediary, such as by saying, “O Allāh! I ask You by the rank of Your Prophet (eternal blessings of Allah upon him)!”

Chapter Seven - The Human State After Death contains the insights of nineteen pious predecessors regarding life after death in the Intermediate Realm (Barzakh).

Chapter Eight -Visiting the Graves & Seeking Blessings is a complete resource on the beliefs of twelve pious predecessors on the permissibility of visiting the graves and seeking blessings from the saintly dignitaries resting there.





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  1. A much needed book for the english language readers!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Sep 2016

    This book encourages you to reflect especially for a student of Islam (as I regard my self) its a very quenching. you must have wisdom then you'll understand why the references that are used, are used. I was suprised that the book was a hardback and for the price that it is to purchase at, (7.99) its cheap. the book is strongly binded and nice on the eyes when reading. For the Ahle Sunnah Wa'Al Jamaa' its a treasure and very much needed Knowledge to safe guard Ones ownself and family and friends Imaan for the present fitna times and future fitna times to come.
    May ALLAH bless all those at Ihya Society for there publications keep it up.

    p.s its unfortunate that there are less readers of quality books like this particular title as supposed to social media attention seeking comments/rants. May ALLAH encourage us to read, to seek the right knowledge wisdom and understanding. Ameen.

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