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​Prophetic Narrations that begin with “Everything”


Prophetic Narrations that begin with “Everything” (taken from al-Jāmi’ al-Ṡaghīr)

1. "Everything has a key and the key to Jannah is loving the orphans and the poor." (Ibn al-Hibbān).

2. "Everything has a key and the key to the heavens is the statement: Lā ilāha illAllāh." (al-`Ṫabarānī)

3. "Everything has a source and the source of piety (Taqwā) are the hearts of the Gnostics (al-'Ārifīn)." (al-Ṫabarānī)

4. "Everything has a bride and the bride Qur'ān is (Sūrah) al-Rahmān." (al-Bayhaqī)

5. "Everything has a path and the path to Jannah (paradise) is knowledge." (al-Daylamī)

6. "Everything has a pinnacle and the pinnacle of the Qur'ān is Sūrah al-Baqarah. In it is a verse which is the leader of Qur'ān (which is) Āyat al-Kursī." (Tirmidhī) 7. "Everything has Zakāh (purification) and the purity of the body is fasting." (Ibn Mājah).

8. "Everything has an ornament and the ornament of the Qur'ān is a beautiful voice." ('Abd al-Razzāq)

9. "Everything has a shield and the shield of this Ummah is 'Alī ibn Abī Ṫālib (RaḋiAllāhu 'Anhu)." (Kanz al-'Ummāl)

10. "Everything has wings and the wings of this Ummah are Abū Bakr and 'Umar (RaḋiAllāhu Ánhumā).” (Kanz al-'Ummāl)

11. "Everything has a grandchild [(sibt) a second generation] and the grandchildren of this Ummah are Ḣasan and Ḣusayn (RaḋiAllāhu 'Anhumā." (Kanz al-'Ummāl)

12. "Everything has a peak and the peak of my nation (Ummah) is my uncle al-'Abbās (RadiAllāhu 'Anhu)." (Kanz al-'Ummāl)

13. "Everything has a branch and the branch of faith is patience." (Kanz al-'Ummāl)

14. "Everything has a foundation and the foundation of faith (Imān) is piety." (Kanz al-'Ummāl)

15. "Everything has a calamity which destroys it. The calamity of this religion is the leaders of evil (Wulāt al-Sū’)." (Kanz al-'Ummāl)