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Aĥadīth that begin with the word “If”…


Aĥadīth that begin with “If”…

(Taken from al-Jāmi’ al-Ṡaghīr)

1. “If the world in its entirety was in the hands of a man from my Ummah and he was then to say “Alḣamdulillāh”, the “Alḣamdulillāh” would be better than all of that.” (Ibn ‘Asākir)

2. “If the son of Ādam was to run away from his provisions (Rizq) like he would run away from death, then his provisions would (still) reach him like death would reach him.” (al-Bayhaqī)

3. “If a woman from paradise was to descend (glance) upon the earth, she would fill the earth with the smell of musk and would take away (out shine) the light of the sun and the moon.” (al-Ṫabarānī)

4. “If a man had Dirhams in his room which he would distribute and there was another man remembering Allāh, then the one remembering Allāh (al-Dhākir li-Allāh) would be superior.” (al-Ṫabarānī)

5. “If there are two bondmen who love each other for the sake of Allāh; one lives in the East and the other lives in the West, Allāh will gather them together on the day of Judgement and will say “This is the one whom you loved.” (Kanz al-‘Ummāl)

6. “If you were to remain in the same state when you leave from me then you would greet the Angels on the street of Madīnah.” (Abū Ya’lā)

7. “If you sin to such an extent that your sins reach the skies and then you ask (sincere) forgiveness, Allāh would forgive all of your sins.” (Ibn Mājah)

8. “If beasts were to know about death like the children of Ādam, you wouldn’t find any fleshy beast to eat.” (al-Bayhaqī)

9. “If you knew what I know, you would laugh little and would cry more.” (Muslim)

10. “If you knew the calamities that would reach you after death, you wouldn’t eat food with delight, nor would you drink anything with delight, nor would you enter a house to find delights in its shade. You would go to high lands, beating your chests and crying upon yourselves.” (Kanz al-‘Ummāl)

11. “If hardship (‘Usr) came and entered this hole, then surely easiness (yusr) would come, enter the hole and it would take the hardship out.” (al-Ḣākim)

12. “If this heart was humble, the limbs would also be humble (in prayer).” (al-Ḣakīm al-Tirmidhī)

13. “If you fear Allāh the way He should rightfully be feared, you would attain knowledge with which there would be no ignorance. If you knew Allāh the way He should be rightfully known, the mountains would move by your prayers.” (al-Ḣakīm al-Tirmidhī)

14. “If someone was to supplicate using these words for anything between the east and the west anytime on Friday, he’s supplicates would be answered; “Lā Ilāha Illā Anta, Yā Ḣannān, Yā Mannān, Yā Badī’as-Samāwāti Wal-Arḋ, Yā Dhal Jalāli wal-Ikrām.” (al-Khaṫīb al-Baghdādī)

15. “If it was destined, it would happen(Law Qaḋā Kāna).” (Ibn Ḣibbān)

16. “If it was to be said to the dwellers of Hell: ‘You will live in Hell equal to the number of pebbles on earth’ they would become happy. If it was to be said to the dwellers of paradise: ‘You will live in paradise equal to the number of pebbles on earth, they would feel sorrow…however they would remain there (Hell or paradise) for eternity.” (al-Ṫabarānī)

17. “If modesty (Ḣayā) was a man, it would be a pious man.” (al-Ṫabarānī)

18. “If patience (Ṡabr) was a man, it would be a generous man.” (Abū Nu’aym)

19. “If pride (‘Ujub) was a man, it would be an evil man.” (al-Ṫabarānī)

20. “If there was to be a prophet after me, it would have been ‘Umar (rađiyAllāhu ánhu).” (Aḣmad)

21. “If the son of Ādam were given a valley full of wealth, he would love to have a second one; and if he were given the second one, he would love to have a third, for nothing fills the belly of Adam's son except dust. And Allah forgives he who repents to Him.” (Aḣmad)

22. “If the one who passes in front of one who is praying knew what (sin) he incurs, he would realise that waiting for forty (days, months or years) is better than passing in front of him (worshipper).” (al-Bukhārī)