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Free Ebook Release: Deconstruction of the Wahābīs for their Disrespect of Muslim Graves

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Among the hallmarks of the Wahhābī fitnah is iconoclasm, the destruction of the resting places of not only the saints (Awliyā’) but also the Prophets (upon them is Allah’s peace), under the pretext of purifying Muslim lands from polytheistic practices.

In this fatwā, Aʿlā Ḥaḍrat Imām Aḥmad Riḍā Khān al-Qādirī (Allāh’s mercy be upon him) masterfully elucidates the sanctity of Muslim graves. 

Download Arabic version here

Download English version here

Bedroom etiquettes

A must for anyone getting married or is already married!Goes into details about things the spouses should and should not do; acts which are desirable and acts which are forbidden.https://www.scribd.com/doc/258123205/Bedroom-Etiquettes?fb_ref=Default

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Aĥadīth that begin with the word “If”…

Aĥadīth that begin with “If”…(Taken from al-Jāmi’ al-Ṡaghīr)1. “If the world in its entirety was in the hands of a man from my Ummah and he was then to say “Alḣamdulillāh”, the “Alḣamdulillāh” would be better than all of that.” (Ibn ‘Asākir)2. “If the son of Ādam was to run away from his provisions (Rizq) [...]

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​Prophetic Narrations that begin with “Everything”

Prophetic Narrations that begin with “Everything” (taken from al-Jāmi’ al-Ṡaghīr)1. "Everything has a key and the key to Jannah is loving the orphans and the poor." (Ibn al-Hibbān).2. "Everything has a key and the key to the heavens is the statement: Lā ilāha illAllāh." (al-`Ṫabarānī)3. "Everything has a source and the source of piety (Taqwā) [...]

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Download Excellent Books (Free)


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***New 10 Week Tasawwuf Course*** (Blackburn)

Tazkiyat al-Qalb wa Maqām al-IhsānPurification of the Heart & State of ExcellenceA 10 week course on the essentials of self purification and achieving the state of Ihsan. Based on the acclaimed works of Imām Ghazāli and Imām Sha'rānī radiAllāhu ánhumāTaught by Moulana Muhammad Kalim al-Azhari al-QadiriEvery Wednesday (8pm-9:15pm)Commencing Wednesday 1st October 2014Blackburn Town Centre [...]

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Kanz al-Iman (English Translation only)


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Tadhkirat al-Awliya (Shaykh Fariduddeen Attar Alayhi al-Rahmah)

Stories of some of the great Saints of Allah.http://www.scribd.com/doc/238970311/Tadhkirat-Al-A...

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The Priciples of Islam

http://www.scribd.com/doc/238512254/The-Principles...By: Shaykh 'Abdul 'Aleem Siddiqi (courtesy of Nooremadina.net)

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